Regulatory Strategy Advice (1 Unit)


Regulatory Strategic Advice (1 Unit)

Our experienced regulatory strategists (with a minimum of 15 years regulatory experience) will work with you to provide regulatory strategy advice in line with an agreed brief. 1 Unit equates to 3 hours of regulatory strategy expertise. Multiple units can be purchased to fulfil your specific needs…


We offer regulatory strategic advice in small (3 hour) blocks to assist you when developing or executing strategies at all stages of your product development and lifecycle.

So, rather than enter into lengthy and often expensive contractual arrangements with CROs, consultants or consultancies you can purchase one or more 3 hour block from us. This can prove much more effective as there is increased focus on your project needs when utilising these smaller units of time.

The provision of strategic advice will be carried out in line with your agreed brief, with a timeline and deliverables agreed upon upfront as part of the process.

1 Regulatory Strategic Advice Unit equates to 3 hours of expertise. This includes the time for all aspects of the advice, including planning, meetings, research, writing and editing upon review/comments. You can select multiple units dependent upon your individual project requirements.

If you are unsure about your exact project needs please contact us before purchasing any units. Any complete unused units can be refunded. Any partially remaining units will be held as credit on your account.