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A FREE No Obligation 45 minute ‘Creating Winning Regulatory Strategies’ Consultation
(Valued at £1199)

During your call, you’ll receive…

  • Access to experienced regulatory strategists with at least 15 years of related experience
  • An initial project assessment (with post-meeting written feedback)
  • In-call review and feedback on any existing regulatory strategy for your project
  • 5 tips on how to fine tune your regulatory intelligence strategy to improve your overall strategies

PLUS, we’ll give the first 10 sign-ups 3 months of FREE access to our dedicated regulatory intelligence and insights feed which can be tailored for your chosen regulatory strategy project!

If you already know you need further support in your project then Offer 2 below is right for you…


WINNING Regulatory Strategies written for you by us.

OUR PROMISE: We will work with you to produce a regulatory strategy that provides noticeable benefits, such as reduced time to approval, or your money back.

Here’s what our Regulatory Strategy service provides you:

An initial FREE 30 min appraisal of the projectAn opportunity to confidentially discuss your project and learn if we are a good fit and can offer the correct level of input at this stage of your project
Access to Regulatory Strategists with a minimum of 15 years of experienceConfidence that you are receiving high-quality advice from a regulatory strategist with the requisite experience
Optional access to additional non-regulatory team membersThe opportunity to use experienced team members where gaps may exist in your organisation
Back and forth discussion once the strategy is marked final (limited to 5 iterations)Reassurance that we offer support and input throughout the life of the regulatory strategy document
Up-to-date regulatory intelligence throughout our involvement with the projectReassurance that the latest regulatory intelligence and insights are being used in your regulatory strategy
Secure Online Editable Regulatory Strategy Document1) Peace of mind that your document is securely held
2) The ability to share with other team members
3) All amends and comments are retained for review and audit purposes
4) No need for download or upload and potential duplication and loss of comments during the review and approval process
5) The ability to access your strategy document from anywhere

Why you should use RegConsult to help produce winning regulatory strategies?

Many consultancies offer a service to their clients, such as the provision of regulatory strategy advice, but do not necessarily deliver added value, whereas we at RegConsult are so confident that we will provide tangible added value to your project that we include a ‘no improvement – no fee’ money back guarantee.

How much does RegConsult charge to produce regulatory strategies?

The majority of regulatory consultants, consultancies and contract research organisations (CROs) do NOT advertise their prices. This should be an immediate red flag for anyone looking to attain value, because if you are proud of your work and the value you provide for your clients then you should have no fear in advertising your prices. However, you would need to ask these people and organisations why they do not advertise their prices. At RegConsult we are transparent and confident about the added value we provide. We even provide FREE consultations and appraisals, to ensure we are a good fit for each other, which ordinarily would be valued in the hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

So what is the price then! Regulatory strategies differ from company to company and from project to project, therefore creating a fixed price for a strategy is not straightforward. To simplify we offer a fixed price for a unit of regulatory strategy advice, which is 3 hours. Ordinarily, we would charge £300 for this, which for the level of experience (a regulatory expert with at least 15 years experience) is EXTREMELY good value. However, we currently are running this at a discounted price of £259 for 3 hours, and included with this is a FREE 30-minute consultation to walk through your project and what we can offer to support you.

How to purchase this offer – We are currently the only regulatory consultancy that we know of offering services of this value in this way, where services can be purchased online. If, following the initial FREE consultation you agree to proceed, you can purchase the relevant units of time safe in the knowledge that any unused time can be stored for any future projects. And with blocks being offered in 3-hour units, you are not tied to expensive and long-term contracts. Alternatively, if you are happy to proceed straight away follow this link to the online shop and use Coupon Code ‘DYU2REJY’.

What is the ‘No Improvement – No Fee’ Guarantee?

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality regulatory services. If we are unable to show a noticeable improvement in your time to approval as a result of our production and your implementation of the regulatory strategy for your project, or if you are not 100% satisfied with our product we will provide a full refund.

What are the limitations to this offer?

Although there is no time limit to this offer (although there is a limit to the added BONUS offer – see below), due to the nature of the regulatory expertise required to provide this service we have a limited number of projects we can adopt per month. Therefore, to avoid disappointment contact us immediately to take advantage of this incredible offer.

PLUS! Our Exclusive BONUS OFFER!

In addition to the above fantastic features, we are also offering, for a limited time only a FREE review of your existing regulatory intelligence systems and processes, with a FREE report of our findings, which ordinarily would be valued at well over £1,000.