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About Us

RegConsult® is an extremely experienced, dynamic and agile regulatory affairs consultancy.

Delivering Regulatory Affairs Expertise

We have streamlined the services and support we offer, focusing on ensuring our specialties meet your needs.

Why we Created RegConsult® for you

When you look around at the world of regulatory consultancies and clinical research organisations you will find the majority, regardless of size, offer to do everything and, figuratively speaking, ease all of your pains. And we have also been guilty of this in the past.

For the majority of organisations, this type of over-promise is undeliverable, with compromises being made in the level of service, quality, or both. Instead, we focus more on our specialities, gained from decades of experience. If a project requires additional resources, we are transparent about this with our clients. When it is required, our scale-on-demand approach enables us to utilise our extensive network of trusted and experienced consultants to ensure we meet our client’s requirements.

I feel it is essential to provide high-quality and affordable regulatory consulting solutions, which is why I started RegConsult®. Together, with the RegIntel and RegIndex brands I feel a sense of reward knowing that I have contributed something of value to the regulatory space and the wider bio-pharmaceutical industry.
Nik Wells Regulatory Affairs ConsultantNik Wells CEO

What we believe Regulatory Affairs Consulting Should be

We feel that regulatory consulting should be affordable, honest and accessible. When you speak with us, you talk with the people working at the virtual coal face. We understand the ever-changing regulatory landscape and will be upfront about what it is you are hoping to achieve and how, and indeed if, we can help. We will provide a team of consultants relevant to your needs and at an affordable price to meet the constraints of your budget.

Most importantly, we strive never to over-promise and under-deliver. Our client testimonials speak to this.

If you are ready to start discussing your needs with us, please book a FREE 30-minute consultation and we look forward to speaking with you and helping you on your journey.

Meet Your Regulatory Affairs Consultancy Team:

Nicholas Wells
Founder & Managing Director

Nik has been working within regulatory affairs since 1998. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry as an FTE, Consultant and as a business owner he brings a wealth of regulatory affairs experience and know-how.

Afi Sinclair
Principal Regulatory Consultant

Afi is a Principal Regulatory Strategy Consultant. She has been successfully delivering regulatory affairs strategy, with over 20 years of industrial regulatory experience.

Alex McCulloch
Lead Regulatory CMC Consultant

Alex brings over 40 years of real-world regulatory affairs experience to the table.

Matt Taylor
Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Matt has over 15 years of delivering exceptional regulatory affairs consultancy to the pharmaceutical industry.

Kamal Kaur
Regulatory Cosmetics Consultant

Kamal is our Cosmetics Regulatory Consultant. With over 7 years of cosmetics and regulatory experience in the industry.

John Bentley
Medical Expert

John Bentley is one of our medical experts and writers. He qualified as a pharmacist in 2010 and has been working in the healthcare industry since.

The Rest of our Expert Team

John Peppiatt – Principal Regulatory Strategy Consultant, with over 30 years of regulatory experience in pharmaceuticals and biologicals..

John Wells – CFO/Secretary, experienced accountant and business advisor for over 40 years.

Indie Bidiyal – Head of Submissions, with over 15 years of experience in regulatory operations and submissions.

Lorna Wells – HR Manager and Head of Finances, with over 30 years serving in this area for many business areas.

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