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End-to-end Labelling with our fully-managed service

The journey starts here…

Just like your medical products, their associated labelling enters on a similar regulatory journey – from the earliest stages of development, right through to the day they exit the marketplace. 

Creating a label that is as closely aligned with your company’s expectations is a complicated task and requires input from various sources. Do you have this expertise yourself? This is why we offer tailored regulatory consulting.

It’s more than just a label

And it’s not just the product information label to consider, you need to factor in all aspects of the packaging, including:

  • Production and printing of leaflets, cartons and blisters
  • Readability / User testing
  • Serialisation
  • Braille
  • Print management
medical products labelling
Regulatory Affairs Services

Done-for-you service

With so much to consider it can sometimes pay off to have some or all of these tasks managed on your behalf. We offer various options to assist here, including our end-to-end labelling management process, where we can look after the majority of the process for you, while offering you the flexibility to be as involved as you desire.

* Limited time offer. Terms and conditions apply.

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